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Thank You

I had plans to go out last night and be with friends that live almost an hour away.  But instead, I had to file my taxes before midnight.  What I anticipated taking one hour turned into 6 and somewhere in between we got hungry.  So we hopped in the car and went to go get something to eat and take a break for a while.  We pulled into the restaurant parking lot, picked up our order, and then returned to the car.  But the car wouldn’t start.  So we had to get a jump and drive right to Autozone to get a new battery and switch it out.  Long story short, taxes were filed at 1115pm.


All that being said, I am grateful.  Grateful this all happened within minutes from our home, instead of somewhere over an hour away.  Grateful, it was a beautiful night to be outside.  Grateful, it was only the battery that needed to be replaced and not an alternator.  Im still not sure how to be grateful for owing $700 on my taxes, but that is just an action that I will have to left reveal itself in its own time, I guess.  Haha


New Book Release – Catching Stillness (Free Copy)

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Hello all,

As you may know I released my book on Sunday and I am looking for 5 people who would be interested in a free signed copy in hopes of promoting my book and spreading the awareness of the topics I write about.  For those that are interested, I am looking to send a PDF format of my book out via email to you. Then within a 2 week period or so, please goto and complete a review or submit to me a written review I can place in the eBook for new readers to see.  Once a review is in, I will mail you a copy of my book, completely free!


Please email me at if your interested in a copy.  Thanks and I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed day!




Daily Reflection

untitled“All power is within you; you can do anything and everything. Believe in that, do not believe that you are weak; do not believe that you are half-crazy lunatics, as most of us do nowadays. You can do any thing and everything, without even the guidance of any one. Stand up and express the divinity within you.”

~ Swami Vivekananda

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Catching Stillness – Book Release

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It is with much enthusiasm that I am proud to announce the release of my newest book, Catching Stillness. Catching Stillness is approx. 200 pages long and includes a collaboration of essays, short prose, and poetry all based on the general themes you are used to seeing on Freedom of the Heart. Inside the book there is over 30 pages of new content and a healthy selection of favorites as well.

This second book has been an incredible journey of learning how to format and properly put together a manuscript. I have learned so much along the way that I reformatted my first book, The Heart That Never Breaks, and it is now available as well.

Catching Stillness is currently available in paperback and its sales are funding the eBook conversion that will be released at a future date. Please click on the link above and order a signed copy direct from me, today!  I also have a PDF copy that is available but not sure of the demand for that format.  Anyone that is interested in a PDF purchase, please contact me via email at

I would also like to say thank you for everyone that stops in daily and visits Freedom of the Heart. It has been an amazing experience to reach out to everyone in this way. It has helped fuel a spiritual journey and kept me in the heart felt focus of giving, sharing and gratitude.


Peace and Blessings to you,


Jeffrey Vionito