Love and Compassion


There is an intriguing quality that exists inside the human condition.  The way that we can only feel the beauty of everything around us by first having that sensation rise up through us first.  For instance, a feather on the bottom of a foot can generate laughter. But it can be a sort of knee jerk reaction caused directly by something external.  It may not be as enjoyable as if someone made you laugh by something they said or did.  In this scenerio, something inside us resonates with what is, and we laugh out of joy.  The energy is felt within than it is expressed through us as laughter.

Similiar is the way of spiritual awakening.  Each person awakens in their own time when the conditions are ripe enough for them to feel it.  They can be surrounded in all the elements that cultivate it, but until something catches fire within them, it will never truly happen, and until that moment it will appear as something disturbing, bizarre or foreign.  Kind of like being tickled to death.  It makes them react but the reaction isnt coming from the same place.

It is the work of any spiritual aspirant to practice understanding and compassion towards those who do not understand or embrace such principles.  Although it may be easy to become proud or arrogant of such a position it only leads to a blinding ignorance when such qualities are displayed.  To remember the struggle that brought about such change within, is an important proponant to awakening, and to allow others to unfold in this way is everyone’s birthright.

Love, Honor and Respect.
Love, Serve, and Remember.

  – jeffrey vionito
  – picture by :   Zen Pictures – Zen Buddhism Wallpapers | Sathya Sai Baba – Life, Love & Spirituality

Fool am I


Fool am i, tripping over
the One i cannot see or hear,
taste or smell; trying to share
This mysterious invisible Joy
that can only be felt.
I must seem bizarre to some–
As a mad man stumbling
with no mind, blind…and a lantern
Flickering on its last drop of oil.
Then again, what is left
When a brain stops thinking,
And its scattered aura fades;
But the eternal heart oozing
With intuitive tenderness,
Falling madly into the longing
Of Love for what lies
in the unconditional pull
Of the unknown.

Jeffrey vionito

Picture: old man and lantern | Artist Bruno Torfs | Pinterest

What if…


What if the dreams
we have every night
are not dreams, but instead,
our conscous awareness
manifesting itself
in somebody else’s waking
experience on this plane
or another?
What if our dream
of flying was fused
with the physical action
of a bird that is flying
at that very moment
somewhere else?
What if we never really
had our own
individual thoughts
but instead share
and experience
a collective awareness
and only our narrow
of it gives the illusion
of our own limits?
What if…

Poem by jeffrey vionito

Kisah Motivasi: Kepompong kupu-kupu

Heart’s Desire


Desire existed before we got here or maybe we were the desire that birthed our forms into the world. Whether you believe in fate or random acts of creation it is undeniable how the earth created a space for each of us. No individual being is out of place in the arms of the divine mother. The atmosphere parts itself away just enough wherever we are standing so that we may be. The world responds to every impulse we make, that stimulates the environment in whichever way it unfolds. Whatever our actions project, we receive it, in the same intensity, in many other variations. To say we are born into this world and don’t belong here is the greatest miscalculation we could possibly speculate. We in fact, are here, because the universe responded to an action of one kind or another and did so with perfect accuracy of intention.

Who can say what that action was? Who could remember? Either way, the manifest world is born every day, bound by desire. It carries on into every new day, bound by desire. And it will even fall into its grave because our shell is fading away by the burning desire of our soul’s return home. Even the spiritual aspirant who refines their life so completely to not want for anything of worldly association, desires for union with Source. Desire is the burning dream that rages in the heart, when darkness and uncertainty looms. Desire is the hunger for the forbidden fruit and yet it is the longing of the faithful ship-hand that navigates the sails across the endless sea of our lives.

Desire is the hunger of the soul’s longing to be free. So to say that desire is a bad thing or a good thing wouldn’t be fair to say either. But maybe the more accurate thing to say is, if desire is fed through the needs of the mind than it isn’t as liberating as when desires are fed through the needs of the heart. Or maybe even to say, that liberation comes from the proper combination of desire as it is fed between both the heart and mind, is a better conclusion.

To paraphrase one of the greatest poets of our time, Mary Oliver, we do indeed have ‘one wild and precious life’ here on earth. And we often find ourselves asking, ‘What am I going to do with it?’ Something deep within me, seems to convince me every day, that the same desire that brought each of us here, is the same one we need to fuel. At some point in our childhood, before the world told us what kind of life we should live, we were all painter, writers, musicians, inventors, and dreamers of earth shattering possibility. Before society put us in school and began our programming into society there was an innate desire within us, do you remember it? Can you remember the overwhelming zeal you had when you lived in those moments of creativity so perfectly? Can you remember how full of life you were that it would feel almost as if you were in heaven? Maybe the way our hearts sing in time like those are the setting free of the desires that brought here. Maybe fulfilling those innate dreams are the catalysts we always needed in order to fulfill our wants of living in this earthly experience. And somewhere along the way we realize that it was the divine mother all along, guiding us through, transcending us through this human experience.



Poem found on 1600 Norman Cross


I am the great Sun,

But you do not see me.

I am your husband,

But you turn away.

I am the captive,

But you do not free me.

I am the captain

Whom you will not obey

I am the truth

But you do not believe me

I am that city

Where you will not stay.

I am your wife, your child,

But you will leave me.

I am that God

to whom you will not pray.

I am your counsel,

But you do not hear me.

I am your lover,

Whom you will slay.

I am the victor,

But you do not cheer me.

I am the holy dove,

That you will slay.

I am your life,

but if you will not name me,

seal up your soul with tears,

and never blame me.

  – ———-

Found on a 16th century Norman Cross as per the podcast ‘The Veil’ by Ram Dass

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Breaking into Self Love


Somethings just can’t be fixed.  It is almost as if the qualities that we find ourselves trying to run from are a part of who we are.   But something throughout the day triggers the need for it, and the more effort that is put into denying it, the more it has a draw on us.  Still the persistance of the mind tries to overcome these habits that develop shame, guilt and unworthiness.  And the more the mind falls against this shore of sandy solidarity, the deeper the coveting pool of lower emotions begin to swell.  And these emotions can create a whirlpool of unacceptance that only seem to find approval from performing the habit itself.  Thus the cycle perpetuates over and over.

But what if the very thing that can stop this cycle has nothing to do with this cycle?  What if mentally detaching from the wave and the shore is all that is needed to be free?  What if at this moment we said to ourselves i am going to Love myself, no matter what this body does or what this mind will follow suit with?

Anyone who is talented in surf boarding may tell you that it is not the matter of conquering the waves or resisting the wiped out end of the shoreline, but instead the learning of how to embrace each one in its own way.  Learning how to accept ourselves for who we really are, amidst these many variations of our being, is the only way we can rise above and transcend them.

It is true, these qualities may always remain, but they will also know and maintain their miminal position in our lives.  And soon these qualities become a small and unique part of what makes our human experience a special one.

jeffrey vionito

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