There are too many reasons
Why ‘i-will-not’, and reasons
Keep growing like weeds,

Suffocating ‘i-cans’
With ‘can-nots’, spreading
Like infectous disease.

A garden of goals wither
to winters of ‘won’t’, and sleeping
in the warmth of ‘may-be’,

A good season is passing
Behind me in ‘should-haves’, Thinking
‘next-time-i-will’, probably.

But what if i grew ‘I-cans’
like a wandering jew, planting
Each clipping, one by one,

And never looked back
On ‘should-have’s’ or way ahead
To the ‘next-time-i-will’ garden.

What if i keep moving
Little by little, one task at a time
To rebuild this life

In moments of watering
succculent hope, as ‘can-nots’
fall fast from their strife

I could cover a world
In beauty from within, clippings of ‘i-can’
To a field of dreams come true,

And watch as it spreads,
beyond my reach, inspiring others
To possibilities anew.

- jeffrey vionito

Picture: my wandering jew, Ahavah, that hangs on my front porch.

Empty Vessel


My master told me
To carry this vessel on earth.
He said, “Sometimes
It may feel heavy
and awkward.

Sometimes You may
want To put it down
Or carry inside of it
shame and guilt
About feeling lost,

As its purpose is not
Always something
You know or abide by.
But dont fill My vessel
with all of this.

Keep it empty, except
For the bounty of my love.
Collect all of this Love
and share it with others.
Always remember,
this vessel belongs to me,
And to me it shall return.”

I was sent here, A complex soul
With a simple task;
And In lifetimes of surrender
I will learn to do that,
And that alone,

Until my Master
Takes back this vessel
And lifts me up
To Bring me home.

  – jeffrey vionito

All I Know of


When our eyes meet
a magical forgetting begins,
Turning the you
I thought i knew,
into something more.

When i look into your eyes
I see you hidden in there,
The part that wishes
They didnt have to care
About what others think.

Lost in your eyes,
We are like two ends
of a long tunnel, meeting,
Trying to create an endless
Journey together.

These eyes of ours,
a mirror facing a mirror
Visions of forever
Completing themselves
Through two beings.

When i lose myself
In this gaze, in this kiss,
I dont know anymore
about The details
of what makes you.

I only want to be the one
That keeps you from the things
That try to break you.
I forget about your hair,
Soft and flowing like silk,

The clothes you dress in
To impress my senses, all
These scents and refinements
Like shiny rain drops, vanishing
from this cloud we stand on.

Lost in this blue ocean view
I dont even remember myself,
And all the things that make me.

All i know of, is this Love,
All i know of,  is this Love,
All i know of,  is this Love.

- jeffrey vionito



What is the difference
Between discernment
and Judgment
when the Former
creates a stage
For the latter’s

What is the difference
Between the shade of surface
And the lesser mind,
When the former
triggers a reaction
from the latter?

Is it possible to discern
And be One with all,
Without falling
in separation;

Or is it,

Just as a bull’s
Bold, majestic tango,
finding its death
Behind a matador’s
Crimson red cape.

  – jeffrey vionito

  – picture:
bullfighter paintings | Infinity + some + 2


Love’s Freedom


Wings of love-
Always by my side;
I feel their flight
as i open them wide.

Shadows diminish
The higher they soar,
Filling with Love’s purpose
I surrender evermore.

Letting go of the notions;
every doubtful windy deed.
Giving all with gratitude
Sets my being free.

I fly to the higher love
with wings of a devoted soul.
Opening up, i am carried-
everywhere is my home.

- jeffrey vionito

Picture by my dear friend:
Shelly McDowell

Passing Time


Passing Time

Telephone ringing,
children singing,
rain drops ping pinging.
Clock on wall,
tick tock, tick tock.
Water’s slow leak
from roof top,
drop, drop, drop.
She sits quietly
in window sill,
still her favorite seat
in the house.
Nestled all warm
in wooden shavings,
a mouse sleeps
like a baby,
under wet
floor boards below.

- jeffrey vionito