A Way Beyond Words


A Way Beyond Words

Our words with all their grandiose,
add nothing to the vastness of ocean,
waves do not folly in the commotion
of our sounds no matter how verbose.

Thought and words with all their tenses,
add to each, our own soul’s will to thrive,
it is a vehicle through which we drive,
as heart’s mind moves by way of senses.

So often it seems to our greatest dismay,
ideas perceived can keep us contained,
creating a chaos we struggle disdained,
a circling detour, a bedroom in disarray.

Just as courage doesn’t contain the brave,
but helps the spirit to constantly expand,
so it can grow in depth to understand
a noble pursuit of the freedom it craves.

Even the falling, in all the many Love’s,
a bottomless action, not a state of being,
a way of constant living, not an arriving,
always falling to the one we keep above.

If there is any advice this poem may part,
language can bind us from our action,
or make whole our viewpoint of fraction,
our highest power is to choose a start.

But never a complete master can we be,
so long as we seek a finish, and not a way,
this folly will only find us on another day
wave after wave makes a sea of the sea.

- jeffrey vionito

Peace of my Pieces


You are my peace
When i see my world
In tiny pieces

A cluster of puzzle
Falls light as confetti
When i call to you;

My devotional voice,
The only true sanity, holding
My world together

As a mother holds
Her young, resting forehead
Upon her baby’s brow –

You soothe my mind
In ways that words could not
begin to breathe.

Keep me fixed on you
Heart upon heart, upon intention
Wave upon wave, upon sea

Breathe me, so I can be.
Carry me in your heavenly arms
To awaken in your lullaby.

- jeffrey vionito

Candle of the Sea


candle of the sea -
i beg you, come rescue me
from the windy waves
of  life, rushing
in with promises
And leaving me empty,
wanting for you.
Draw me in with a rope
made of surrender,
let these interwined
senses relax
into the guiding focus
of your light, illuminating
my faith as i journey
into the night.

  - jeffrey vionito

Picture by: http://captainkimo.com/portland-maine-lighthouse-at-cape-elizabeth-during-sunrise/

A Speckled Egg


Never did a bird fly
And say to itself, “Look!”
“Im flying in the sky!”

Nor did a human stride
And say to themselves, “Look!”
As I’m running on by!”

Yet to some creatures, this gift
Seems magical, but not to the ones
that bathe in its blessing.

if only to realize how amazing
We all are, when we see ourselves
from a higher Perspective.

To the simplest of effects
We shine in our own granular way.
A speck of sand, a flake of snow,

A drop of water, a shard of glass
They All shine in the presence of bright light.
We all shine, in the awareness, of divine light.

  - jeffrey vionito
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